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Wazzu Coach Mike Leach Talks Dating And Sturgeon Fishing At Pac-12 Media Days

The always amusing Mike Leach took the stage at Pac-12 Media Days and spoke about football...and dating...and his next book.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

To paraphrase Forrest Gump, Mike Leach is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. Sure, there are the tried and true tangents like pirates or Geronimo, but you never quite know for sure.

If you had pirates as the topic Mike Leach would talk about most, you lost. There were several non-football and tangentially-related to football topics Leach covered, but pirates were not one of them.

However, he did feel at home when he got outside to some of the fun and games as seen in this tweet from the Pac-12 Networks.

And, then, there was Leach's experience with a piñata.

But, the real fun was the anticipation of not know what he would be asked or how he would respond. For instance, Lisa Horne was asked on Twitter to ask him what his dating advice is. And his response is classic Mike Leach. I asked him if he had the topic for his next book. After answering "Not yet", he went on to plug both of his books "Geronimo" about the Native American chief and his other book "Swing Your Sword" before talking about the process of writing a book. His whole session was most amusing.

Due to a capacity issue with my memory card, Part 2 cuts off and misses out on some of the writing and publishing process. So, check out the full transcript for the end of Coach Leach's answer to my question.

And, here is Part 3.

Coach Leach was a definite highlight of Day 2 in Burbank!

Go Bruins!!!