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2015 UCLA Football Fall Practice: Day 1 Open Thread

UCLA Football's 2015 campaign begins this afternoon with the first practice session of the team's fall training camp in San Bernardino.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The long wait we've had for more football after Spring Practice ended is finally over! UCLA starts training camp this afternoon and, as in past under Coach Mora, the team will being training camp with two weeks in San Bernardino, allowing the team to bond and start preparing for the season away from the familiar environment of Westwood. The team made their trip eastward yesterday and players checked into their room assignments.

The Bruins will take the practice field at 3 pm this afternoon in the first of their open practice sessions on the campus of Cal State San Bernardino. In fact, practice each weekday this week is scheduled for 3 pm. In the past, these practices have lasted about 2 hours, though particularly being the first session of the fall, today could end up being a little shorter. The schedule for the remaining open practices is available on the official site. FYI: for folks considering a trip out to see the team in the IE, there is no seating on the practice fields, so bring a blanket or folding chair, or be prepared to stand for the duration.

The big question that remains in the minds of a lot of people is "Who will be UCLA's starting quarterback?" If you missed IE Angel's QB Preview, he tried to put the question to rest. But, until Coach Mora stands there as says who will start, expect the question to keep getting asked.

This is our open thread for today's practice. For any spectators who get out to CSUSB, please share your observations and thoughts here, and we encourage you to write up any extended thoughts or observations later on as a fanpost. You can also tweet pictures to us at @BruinNation.

Go Bruins!!!