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2015 UCLA Football Fall Camp: Day 3 Open Thread

UCLA Football continues Fall Camp this afternoon with the 3rd day of practice in San Bernardino.

Jamabo Soso
Jamabo Soso

It's Day 3 of Training Camp in San Bernardino and we are now only twenty-four days away from opening kickoff versus the University of Virginia. The team gets back on the field at 3pm today. says it will reach 100 degrees out there today. But they have been on the high side every day, so I would expect it to be in the 90's! And not to worry, 3 pm may seem like the hottest time of the day, but it also seems to be the shadiest time of the day for spectators.

I was able attend the first two days of practice and really enjoyed it, especially watching the new Bruins learning the ropes. This team is incredibly talented and picking out a few players to keep an eye on was truly impossible. I wish they would have cameras on every group working out there for us to watch, but well they don't. So if you make it out to San Berdoo and feel like it, take a few pictures or videos - or share with us your notes, thoughts, and impressions.

You can tweet pictures to us @Bruinnation, write a fanpost with words and/or photos/video, or share them in a thread or Spaulding Report. This is our community and the more we each share the better.

Have a great day, and as always...

Go Bruins!