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Spaulding Report: Day 5—Things Get Hot in San Berdoo

Which was hotter? The 109 degree temperature or Myles Jack’s temper?

Trainng camp heats up in more ways than one in San Bernardino
Trainng camp heats up in more ways than one in San Bernardino

On the day where Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, stole the UCLA football headlines by announcing his decision to step away from football, but remain enrolled as a student at UCLA, the Bruins continued their workmanlike Fall camp in San Berdoo, with some unexpected drama.

Cordell Broadus Steps Away from Football:

Before getting into details of Day Five of UCLA football’s fall camp, I want to give my two cents on Broadus’ decision. From what I’ve read, it seems apparent that Broadus’ heart might not be set on a football career. Perhaps his father’s aspirations to play football influenced Broadus’ decision to play during his high school years, but this was not how he wanted to make his mark. In fact, Orange County Register beat writer, Joey Kaufman, reported today that Snoop paid his son $2,000 when he was 6 years old to play football. If this is indeed the case and Broadus’ heart is not in the game, I applaud his decision to walk his own path. No one wants to see Cordell Broadus become the next Todd Marinovich. Kudos to Cordell for sticking with UCLA for his education, and I wish him nothing but the best of luck going forward in his life. For more of Broadus' decision, check out BN's article here.

That having been said, let’s talk about Day Five of Fall camp.

Myles Jack Ejected from Practice:

The major story out of San Bernardino was that UCLA linebacker, Myles Jack, was thrown out of practice by Head Coach, Jim Mora, for fighting with left tackle, Conor McDermott. After engaging with McDermott once, in which McDermott's helmet was allegedly separated from his head and multiple players had to step in retain him, Jack tried to mix it up a second time while the offensive lineman were taking a water break, and was booted by Coach Mora from the practice field. Jack and Mora exchanged words as Jack was escorted from the playing area by first year linebackers coach, Scott White. Jack and Jake Brendel reportedly exchanged words when Jack tied to engage McDermott a second time.

Personally, I would not make much of this, as it is well known that tempers will flare between the offense and defense in the heat (no pun intended) of battle, and we all know that Jack is one to wear his emotions on his sleeve on the field. Remember, Jack was made to leave practice under similar circumstances last year in San Berdoo. I would expect to see a more subdued and workmanlike Jack back at practice tomorrow.

Day 5 Bright Spots:

As for the performances at camp, several players made impacts today, the first day that the Bruins played in full pads, in in 109 degree temperatures (according to David Woods of BRO) to boot. Marcus Rios played well while Ishmael Adams nursed an ankle injury. Running back, Bolu Olorunfunmi, continued to pound the rock, impressing many at practice. Darren Andrews had a brilliant day at the wide receiver spot, catching a touchdown pass from Josh Rosen.

UCLA true freshman quarterback, Josh Rosen, got most of his reps with the second unit, but performed well. Mike Fafaul was given the majority of reps with the first team, and acquitted himself well, going 11-16 with a TD and an INT (by Fabian Moreau). Jerry Neuheisel had one series with the first team, and had a less than stellar day, going 6-16 with both the first and second teams. here's to hoping that Jerry bounces back tomorrow.

True freshman tight end, Chris Clark, remains out of practice with mononucleosis.

Let’s Go to the Video:

Coach Jim Mora did not speak with reporters after practice today, although he will address the media tomorrow. Defense line coach, Angus McClure did, however, speak to the media. Big thanks to Michael Chavez and Bruin Sports Report for the following videos:

I agree 100% with Coach McClure’s assessment of how the depth of the UCLA bigs has enabled the coaches to do things that they were not able to do in the past. This should pay dividends as the season goes on. Kenny Lacy was also interviewed. He talked about how important it was for him to get reps with the first unit, and the importance of experience--this is his third trip to San Berdoo--and mentoring the younger players at camp:

It is also great to hear from Randall Goforth, coming back from injury last season and taking a leadership role with the defense:

It is very interesting to hear about how Randall looks at things now after seeing the 2014 iteration of the UCLA Bruin football team from the outside in. Love that guy and hoping he has a huge season. Finally, we hear from true freshman defensive back, Nate Meadors, in his first Fall camp in San Bernardino:

Here’s to hoping that this young man is able to break into the rotation in the secondary. He seems like a great representative of UCLA.

UCLA Gets An Important Commitment:

In other news outside of fall practice, UCLA secured a very solid commit today. The fifth rated center in the country, Sean Aumae, out of Hawai’i committed to play football for the UCLA Bruins in 2016. With Jake Brendel nearing the end of his collegiate career, this is a huge get for Coach Mora and his staff. Check out all of BN’s coverage of Sean’s announcement, as well as some excellent videos here.

Two-a-Day Tomorrow:

Two-a-day’s start tomorrow, with the Bruins practicing at 8:30 a.m. and again at 5:45 p.m. It is expected to be another scorcher, so bring plenty of water and a comfy lounge chair and quick shade if you plan to make it out to practice.

Enjoy the weekend and Gooooo Bruins!!!