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2015 UCLA Football Fall Practice: Day 8 Open Thread

UCLA Football's 2015 campaign continues this afternoon with the tenth practice session of the team's fall training camp in San Bernardino.

Joe Piechowski

It's Day 8 of Training Camp in San Bernardino. The team gets back on the field at 3pm today. The weather for this afternoon should be sunny with a high in the low nineties. So, it's going to be HOT out there!

As noted in last night's Spaulding Report, three offensive linemen left practice due to injury. Let's hope that those injuries are minor and that the Bruins don't break camp Saturday with any major issues, especially on the offensive line. We don't want Josh Rosen or whomever the starting quarterback is to have to experience any "Lookout! Blocks" on September 5th against UVa.

This is our open thread for today's practice. You can tweet pictures to us @Bruinnation, write a fanpost with words and/or photos/video, or share them in a thread or Spaulding Report. This is our community and the more we each share the better.

Go Bruins!!!