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Spaulding Report: UCLA Coach Jim Mora Discusses His Josh Rosen Tirade

After practice on Thursday, Coach Mora offered an explanation for his rant on Wednesday.

Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Well, by now, you've probably seen Coach Mora's "explanation" for his tirade the other day. And, frankly, to me it makes sense. Maybe that's because my high school football coach, one of the most successful HS coaches ever in NJ, was a bit of a screamer. Maybe it's because I understand that Mora is trying to push his players to be better.

Either way, that was the big story from yesterday's post-practice press conference. What else did Coach Mora have to say?

You come to camp. And you want it to be stressful. You want it to be intense. You want it to be difficult. That's what you're trying to create...situations like that. So, when you get to the season, they know how to react. So, we're consistently trying to put them in stressful situations where they have to adjust. Whether it's the music or coaches climbing on them or it's the intensity of a competitive period. It's just all about trying to developing a mindset that allows you to go forward in the season and handle some of the things that maybe we haven't handled as well as I'd like to see us handle. So it's been good and they've reacted extremely well. I see a level of maturity developing on this team that has been absent the last three years.

That's really explains what the coaches are trying to do right there. Here's the entire post-practice press conference, courtesy of Ed Lewis and the Bruin Sports Report.

Next up is Thomas Duarte who spoke about playing fast, how much he is enjoying camp this year, and how he will be used differently this season.

He is Austin Roberts discussing his recovery from surgery which repaired his ACL.

Ka'imi Fairbairn spoke to the media about the change the team made this week which intersperses his kicks in at the end of each period rather than having him kick seven or eight in a row at the end of practice.

That will wrap up another edition of our Spalding Roundup. Don't forget that the team will scrimmage tonight at 5 pm and that Fan Appreciation Day begins tomorrow morning at 9 am.

Go Bruins!!!