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It's The Rosen One!

It's Official: UCLA Coach Mora Names Josh Rosen The Bruins' Starting Quarterback

Bruin fans, this is your new starting QB.
Bruin fans, this is your new starting QB.
Joe Piechowski

Josh Rosen has been named UCLA's starting quarterback. The news broke on Twitter as is typical so often these days.

Then again, IEAngel did say this to everyone weeks ago. And, for that matter, Coach Mora did too at Pac-12 Media Days when he said, "They're going to be seeing a quarterback that's never taken a snap."

So, while this shouldn't be such major news, it is. Why? Because it was the lone question mark on a team that's loaded with talent. And, now that it's done and announced, everyone can relax.

Jack Wang of Inside SoCal posted Coach Mora's announcement on YouTube. Thanks to Jack for sharing the video!

Go Bruins!!!