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ESPN: UCLA's Mora Stands Behind Bradley

UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora spoke to at Pac-12 Media Days and offered his thoughts on UCLA Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley and this week's release of the deposition of former Penn State coach Mike McQueary.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

At Pac-12 Media Days on Thursday, UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora spoke with regarding Bruin defensive coordinator Tom Bradley:

I know this about Tom: He is a man of integrity. He's been vetted by a number of different people as well as UCLA -- very, very thoroughly. It took us a long time to hire him because our university takes these things very seriously. So we went through the process of vetting his background and his stories and he made a statement and he stands by that statement and I stand by him. I feel comfortable with that.

This is the most detailed explanation of the vetting process which went into Bradley's hiring that anyone associated with UCLA has offered.

Mora also said that he isn't just standing up for his defensive coordinator.

My first thought is always towards the victims. It always has been as a father. That's where my mind goes first. This has been drawn out a long time, and every time that a story resurfaces, I'm sure that it creates more pain for the victims.

Jim Mora will meet with all the media here at Pac-12 Media Days shortly.

Go Bruins!!!