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2016 Pac-12 Football Media Days: UCLA LB Jayon Brown Says 4-3 Makes Bruin Run Defense “Really Legit”

Yesterday, after lunch Bruin linebacker Jayon Brown discussed the new 4-3 defense, bowling against the other Pac-12 reps and how he feels about spending only a week in San Bernardino.

Jayon Brown post-lunch interview at 2016 Pac-12 Media Days
Joe Piechowski

Friday afternoon, Bruin linebacker Jayon Brown sat down with the media at the 2016 Pac-12 Media Days.

Brown spoke about bowling against the team representatives from the other Pac-12 schools, the strength and conditioning program, and some of his favorite eateries.

He’s definitely happy about only having to go to San Bernardino for one week instead of two. Brown said:

Everybody on the team I know is hyped up for that because the Dino is hot. It’s dry. It’s not a lovely place. Sorry for all the people out there in the IE, but...I’m happy. I’m happy. Real happy.

He certainly seems comfortable as a captain of the defense. He said, "I feel like I know the defense." He added:

It’s my defense. I know the ins and outs of it. I know out to disguise better....I know where everybody has to fit in....As a captain of the defense, I’ve got to keep everybody accountable and they keep me accountable and if we all do our jobs, we should come out victorious.

He also discussed the changes to the UCLA defense. He thinks that the switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3 will help the team stop the run better. On the change, Brown said:

We’ll be more sound on the run. As you guys know, people were running all over us last year. We want to put a stop to that. The 4-3 is making our run game really, really legit.

Here’s the full video of Jayon’s post-lunch interview.

Go Bruins!!!