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2016 Pac-12 Media Days: UCLA Tackle Conor McDermott Thought He Would Overflow Josh Rosen’s Hot Tub

Yesterday, after lunch Bruin Tackle Conor McDermott discussed ice cream flavors, bowling and why he never used Josh Rosen’s hot tub.

UCLA Tackle Conor McDermott post-lunch interview at 2016 Pac-12 Media Days
Joe Piechowski

Bruin offensive lineman Conor McDermott sat down at the table with a cup of ice cream in his hand. It was a little bit of a welcome sight because UCLA fans want lineman to be as big and strong as possible. But, McDermott was disappointed when he heard that he had missed out on the best flavor Dulce Caramel Crunch (which "represented" Oregon for some reason known only to the Conference’s organizers). He noted that he had opted for standard vanilla.

But he did seem to be having a good time at the Pac-12 Media Days. Like teammate Jayon Brown, McDermott spoke about the bowling event held on Thursday night for the players. He mentioned that the first game he finished in third place with a 101, but also expressed frustration about not being able to bowl with a curve ball.

"What I can’t figure out is how people spin the ball," McDermott said. "I’m straight down the line and, if I’m off, it’s off."

When asked how good Brown was, McDermott replied that Jayon was "talking a little much" by exaggerating how well he did. While Conor admitted he wasn’t paying too much attention to what Jayon was doing in the next lane over, he did add that Jayon "was probably all talk."

He also noted that Southern Cal’s Zach Banner and Adoree’ Jackson were talking quite a bit of smack talking during the event.

On a football team, the quarterback usually tries to take care of his linemen. So, I asked if Josh Rosen had ever invited the linemen over to hang out in his hot tub. McDermott admitted that he had been invited over a few times, but that he never took Rosen up on the invite. "I was afraid I’d break the thing," McDermott said. "I’d pop it or, right when I got in, it would just overflow....Then, UCLA would be really mad."