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UCLA Football: Tackle Kolton Miller Squats 520 Lbs

Let's just say the video is very impressive.


A few weeks ago, at the Pac-12 Football Media Days, UCLA Football Coach Jim Mora was talking about how much Bruin tackle Kolton Miller can squat.

You can see it here:

At the time, Mora seemed to think that the 6’9" tall offensive lineman had squatted 600 lbs. Conor McDermott quicked refuted the 600 lb claim, saying that Miller did "5-something". To which Mora joked back "599?"

Well, today, UCLA Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi posted a video of Miller squatting this morning during the UCLA Football Summer Program evaluations. In the video, Miller "annihilates", as Alosi put it, 520 lbs for four reps. While 520 lbs. may not be close to Mora’s 600 lb. estimate, keep in mind that Miller is able to actually get more than just one rep out of this weight. He is not maxxing out to see how much he can squat once.

Much like Eddie Vanderdoes’ 418 lb. hang clean from a few days ago, you need to watch the video of Miller with 520 lbs. on his shoulders. It’s unbelievable.

Of course, strength alone does not an offensive lineman make. It takes quickness and technique as well, but, based on the leg strength Miller shows here, the UCLA offensive line may be ready for a big season.

After all, as our friend gBruin is found of saying, "Line wins games."

Go Bruins!!!