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Spaulding Report: UCLA's Ishmael Adams Brings "Grit and Grime" to Receiving Corps

Ishmael Adams was the topic of conversation after yesterday's second practice of Fall Camp. And Ainuu was physical again.

The transition from offense to defense appears to be going well for Ishmael Adams.
The transition from offense to defense appears to be going well for Ishmael Adams.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins held the second practice of training camp yesterday and, after practice, Coach Polamalu, Coach Yarber and Darren Andrews all spoke to the media.

Coach Polamalu had the most to say. It was a refreshing change of pace from last season. There was no "Gee shucks, guys. I just call the same five plays over and over." KP spoke about each offensive unit a little bit from the line to the receivers to the backs.

And, he talked about wanting the offensive to be tough and physical. Coach Polamalu said:

Everything starts up front....Kenny Lacy has improved from Spring to Summer....To go against might find people that are as good, but I don't know if you'll find any that are better. So, it's helping us all around in front.

Speaking of being physical, Ainuu Taua had another physical practice and Polamalu was asked about it by Daily News beat writer Thuc Ni Nguyen.

I love his passion and his competiveness and we need to find a way, in situations, to get the ball in his hands because he's pretty electric with the ball in his hand. Polamalu responded by saying:

It makes me feel good as an offensive coordinator because that's the kind of ball that we like. We want our guys to play with all-out effort...a maximum effort...then the x's and o's will be there.

He was also asked about the impact that Ishmael Adams is making on offense. Polamalu praised Adams, saying, "He's working when nobody is looking and he's bringing the guys along with his work ethic and competitiveness and that's a plus."

But, he wasn't able to confirm whether Adams was talking smack on offense the way he used to on defense.

Darren Andrews, however, did. Andrews replied:

He's the same person. You really can't change a person. So, the way he is on defense is the same way he is on offense. Now, he's running the route and catching the ball.

Coach Yarber spoke about what he likes about having Adams on offense. Yarber said, "He brings a lot of toughness to that group and a lot of grit and grime. And, I love that because you never want to have a soft receiving corps."

Meanwhile, Andrews compared Adams to himself. "He's a lot like me...a fiesty receiver. It's always good to add another one of those types of receivers to the bunch," Andrews said.

Thanks to Edward Lewis of the Bruins Sports Report for all of today's videos.

First up is the man the players have taken to calling "Coach KP".

In addition to speaking about what Adams bring to the offensive side of the ball, Coach Yarber also spoke about the depth of the receiving corps. Yarber said:

I have no doubt that we have the depth....From top to bottom, this receiving corps, I think, is very good. And, I think we have the depth to replace those guys [who left after last season]. A lot of guys are hungry. They know what to expect. They know that we lost Jordan Payton, Devon Fuller and Thomas Duarte. Now, it's an opportunity to be that guy who can catch 50, 60, 70 passes a year.

Finally, we have Darren Andrews.

Thanks again to Ed Lewis of the Bruin Sports Report for posting these videos.

The Bruins take the field this afternoon at 3:30pm for practice number three.

Go Bruins!!!