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Spaulding Report: UCLA QB Josh Rosen Had a Rough Saturday Practice

The UCLA secondary gave Josh Rosen fits on the 11th and final day of 2016 training camp, forcing him to complete only very short passes and picking off one of his deeper balls.

Adarius Pickett (6) defends against Ishmael Adams (1) who tips a Josh Rosen pass right into the hands of a waiting Jaleel Wadood (2) who makes the interception.
Joe Piechowski

As part of our UCLA Football Fall Preview, we looked at the defensive backs and I wrote that the DBs should be one of the best units on this year’s team.

Keeping that in mind, our defensive backs are the guys who are going to make Josh Rosen into one of the best quarterbacks in the country this year. In practice today, Rosen had a rough day.

But, it wasn’t so much because he was playing poorly as it was the defensive backs continually making good plays and limiting Rosen’s options.

To be certain, when Rosen looks at today’s film, he won’t be happy with his performance. He’s a competitor and that’s the way he is. But the DBs really stepped up their game today defending Rosen’s passes.

In fact, Rosen was unable to complete a pass for more than a few yards against the defense today.

He also threw one INT which was tipped by Ishmael Adams right into the hands of Jaleel Wadood.

Once Wadood came down with the pick, he was ran it back to close to the original line of scrimmage near the 20. Joe Piechowski

Once Wadood came down with the pick, he was ran it back to close to the original line of scrimmage near the 20.

That was Rosen's only pick on the day.

Meanwhile, against the second team defense, Mike Faufel ran an efficient attack while throwing for a few TDs.

After practice, Coach Mora met with the media. He expressed the fact that he was quite pleased with the way the team has practiced over the past two weeks.

I can't remember, in my five years, doing this with this team ever being as efficient and competitive and cooperative and being as far along as we are after 16 practice as I feel like we are today. We've stayed relatively healthy. They worked incredibly hard. They've been focused. Practices have been efficent. We haven't had issues and I just like the direction we're going in. So, I'm really pleased.
Mora went on to talk about some players and units which have impressed him. He was careful not to use the word "surprised" because he said he wasn't so much surprised as he was impressed. Among the players and units he mentioned who had impressed him were the wide receivers who have stepped up despite losing some top guys.

He has also been impressed by the freshman specialists as well as freshman running backs Brandon Stephens and Jalen Starks.

Thanks to Thuc Nhi Nguyen of InsideSoCal for providing today's video of Coach Mora.

While he was meeting with the media, the autograph portion of Inland Empire Fan Appreciation Day was getting underway and it was no surprise that Bruin quarterback Josh Rosen was the most popular guy after practice.

Here's a photo of the line of fans waiting to get Rosen's autograph which Thuc Nhi tweeted out.

I'm hoping to get a few galleries together soon of more of the pictures I took both last Saturday as well as today, but that's going to wrap up our training camp portion of Spaulding Reports for the 2016 season.

Go Bruins!!!