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2016 UCLA Football Fall Camp Opens Today On Campus

The team is also planning fan appreciation events in both Westwood and San Bernardino.

Joe Piechowski

At last, we have football!

At 9:30 am this morning, the 2016 UCLA Football team will head out to the IM Field on campus in Westwood for the start of training camp.

This year, Coach Mora and staff are changing things up a bit. In past years, the team would spend a full two weeks at Cal State San Bernardino. But, this year, the Bruins will spend the first week in Westwood and then head up to San Bernardino next week.

On each Saturday, the team will hold fan appreciation sessions following practice.

On Saturday, August 13th, UCLA will hold a practice session in both the morning and the afternoon. During the afternoon session, the team will hold a scrimmage. Following the scrimmage, there will be an autograph session with the players. Fans are being encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit on to watch practice.

For anyone who plans on going to San Bernardino on Saturday, August 20th, the team will start practice at Noon and will also be followed by an autograph session.

Here’s the full training camp schedule:

This is our open thread for today's practice. For any spectators who get out to Westwood, please share your observations and thoughts here, and we encourage you to write up any extended thoughts or observations later on as a fanpost. You can also tweet pictures to us at @BruinNation.