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2017 Pac-12 Football Media Days: Mike Leach is Full of Bologna

No,’s why he hates hot dogs.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You might be wondering why we chose to cover a school other than UCLA from the Pac-12 Media Days. Well, as it turns out, Mike Leach is an absolute hoot.

Let me prove my point. In speaking about who he brought with him to the event, Leach says, “Two quality players getting their degrees, and basically everything that my parents wish I was”.

But wait, there’s more.

Since the media knows what Leach is all about, you’ll find odd questions lobbed in his direction that are nothing like the questions posed to other coaches. For example, a question that came from twitter asked Leach if he believed hot dogs were sandwiches (seems like a legit question for the head coach of a D1 football program). Leach doesn’t disappoint. He says:

I don't like hot dogs. I never liked hot dogs when I was a kid, and I think that some of that started with when I was a real young kid. I'd have bologna sandwich after bologna sandwich. So anything that even remotely resembled bologna, I hated. Everybody says go to the ballgame and eat a hot dog. Not me. No, it's not a sandwich. I'm not into hot dogs, with all due respect to those that are, but they can have mine, so there will be more for them.

So there you have it. Hot dogs are not sandwiches and Leach seems to violently oppose the thought of putting those two food items in the same category. Don’t do it. Ever. And please, don’t put a hot dog in front of him.

As you may know, the NCAA recently banned two-a-days, and Leach was asked his feelings on the subject. While he does admit that they can cause football teams to over train and they can be counterproductive, he also adds:

So I wish they had two-a-days. I think they ought to have four-a-days so hopefully some of these teams will pound their teams into submission and make our work a little easier for us. But it doesn't sound like they're going to let them do that. So we'll just go about our business as usual.

I think he’s wishing that his opponents would show up so beaten down that they just roll over and forfeit. There were games last year where I felt like we weren’t far from that. Yes, coach, business as usual.

And finally, Leach gives a small dig to Clown College. He was asked if he had ever “seen a turnaround like USC's last year”, and he responded:

Yes. Ours would be one.

Heh. So Southern Cal isn’t all that special. Well, we already knew that.

Go Bruins!