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FanPulse: UCLA Fan Confidence Tempered by Utah Loss But Still Better than SC’s

Bruin fans are now split on the direction of the football program, but Mick Cronin has them happy.

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USC v UCLA Photo by Keith Birmingham/Digital First Media/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

The UCLA Bruins FanPulse football fan confidence poll returned to earth this week after Saturday’s crushing loss to Utah. It dropped from 69.8% to just 46.7%.

The Bruins Nation FanPulse football confidence poll returned to earth after the Utah loss.

Since this is Beat SC week, it’s worth noting that Bruin fans have more confidence in the direction of the program than Southern Cal fans do as the Conquest Chronicles FanPulse football fan confidence poll currently sits at just 22.2%.

In other news, this is usually the time of year when Bruin fans start to focus on basketball and Bruin fans are liking what they are seeing from Mick Cronin. The Bruins Nation FanPulse basketball confidence poll reached a new high of 92.7% this week.

The Bruins Nation FanPulse basketball confidence poll hit a new high this week.

The Bruins Nation FanPulse is a survey of more than 100 Bruins Nation readers who have agreed to take a weekly survey on college football. I want to encourage our readers to have their voice heard on a weekly basis by signing up to be a part of the FanPulse.

Of course, the question about the direction of the football and basketball programs are just part of this week’s FanPulse. Another part is the Top 25 where fans are asked to rank the top 25 college football teams.

This week, we have the twelfth Bruins Nation Top 25 football poll along with the SB Nation national Top 25 poll. The top three remained the same this week, but the Georgia Bulldogs leapfrogged the Alabama Crimson Tide to enter the top four. The Oklahoma Sooners are fifth.

After their impressive win over the UCLA Bruins, the Utah Utes are now ranked seventh in front of the Oregon Ducks who are eighth.

Let’s look at both polls.

FanPulse Top 25 Polls, Week 12

Rank BruinsNation Top 25 SB Nation Top 25
Rank BruinsNation Top 25 SB Nation Top 25
1 LSU (10-0) LSU (10-0)
2 Ohio State (10-0) Ohio State (10-0)
3 Clemson (11-0) Clemson (11-0)
4 Georgia (9-1) Georgia (9-1)
5 Alabama (9-1) Alabama (9-1)
6 Oklahoma (9-1) Oklahoma (9-1)
7 Utah (9-1) Utah (9-1)
8 Oregon (9-1) Oregon (9-1)
9 Florida (9-2) Penn State (9-1)
10 Penn State (9-1) Florida (9-2)
11 Baylor (9-1) Baylor (9-1)
12 Auburn (7-3) Memphis (9-1)
13 Memphis (9-1) Minnesota (9-1)
14 Minnesota (9-1) Auburn (7-3)
15 Notre Dame (8-2) Notre Dame (8-2)
16 Cincinnati (9-1) Cincinnati (9-1)
17 Wisconsin (8-2) Wisconsin (8-2)
18 SMU (9-1) SMU (9-1)
19 Michigan (8-2) Michigan (8-2)
20 App State (9-1) App State (9-1)
21 Boise State (9-1) Boise State (9-1)
22 Iowa (7-3) Iowa (7-3)
23 Air Force (8-2) Air Force (8-2)
24 Virginia Tech (7-3) Virginia Tech (7-3)
25 Oklahoma State (7-3) Oklahoma State (7-3)

Don’t forget! You can still sign up to participate in the SB Nation/Bruins Nation Fan Pulse before this week’s poll goes out after the conclusion of Week 13’s college football games.

What do you make of this week’s results? What do you think about the confidence level of the direction of the UCLA football program under Chip Kelly? How about the direction of UCLA basketball under Mick Cronin?

Let us know in the comments!

Go Bruins!! Beat $c!!