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FanPulse: UCLA Bruins Fan Confidence in Chip Kelly Plummets to Single Digits

Saturday’s loss to San Diego State resulted in a big drop in the already low confidence rating for the Bruin football program.

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San Diego State v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

If you thought that last week’s UCLA Bruins fan confidence level of 27.5% was low, you ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s because this week’s poll has slipped into single digits.

To remind everyone, the question which we’re asking each week is simple: “Are you confident in the direction of the UCLA program?” with responses of “Yes” and “No” available.

Well, the good news for Bruin fans is that UCLA hasn’t totally hit rock bottom. That honor goes to the Stanford Cardinal whose fans have absolutely no confidence in the direction of their team right now.

The bad news is that UCLA is the second lowest of all the schools included at just 8.1%.

The Bruins Nation Week 2 FanPulse Confidence Rating drops into single digits.

The Bruins Nation FanPulse is a survey of more than 100 Bruins Nation readers who have agreed to take a weekly survey on college football. I want to encourage our readers to have their voice heard on a weekly basis by signing up to be a part of the FanPulse.

Of course, the question about the direction of the program is just one part of this week’s FanPulse. The other part is the Top 25 where fans are asked to rank the top 25 college football teams.

So, this week, we have the second Bruins Nation Top 25 poll along with the SB Nation national Top 25 poll. The biggest difference between the two polls is that Bruin fans dropped the Washington Huskies further than the rest of SB Nation following their loss to UC Berkeley. Meanwhile, Bruin fans didn’t reward Southern Cal by ranking the Trojans following their defeat of the Stanford Cardinal.

Let’s take a look at both polls.

FanPulse Top 25 Polls, Week 2

Rank Bruins Nation Top 25 SB Nation Top 25
Rank Bruins Nation Top 25 SB Nation Top 25
1 Clemson Clemson
2 Alabama Alabama
3 Oklahoma Georgia
4 Georgia Oklahoma
5 Ohio State LSU
6 LSU Ohio State
7 Florida Florida
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame
9 Auburn Auburn
10 Michigan Michigan
11 Texas Texas
12 Utah Utah
13 Penn State Penn State
14 Texas A&M Texas A&M
15 Oregon Oregon
16 Wisconsin Wisconsin
17 UCF Washington
18 Michigan State UCF
19 Washington Michigan State
20 Iowa Iowa
21 Washington State Washington State
22 Maryland Maryland
23 Iowa State Iowa State
24 Mississippi State Mississippi State
25 Boise State USC

Don’t forget! You can still sign up to participate in the SB Nation/Bruins Nation Fan Pulse before this week’s poll goes out after the conclusion of Week 3’s college football games on Saturday.

What do you make of this week’s results? What do you think about the confidence level of the direction of the UCLA football program? Let us know in the comments!

Go Bruins!