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Mora Refers to UCLA’s 2013 Schedule as an “Opportunity” to Breakthrough

Coach Jim Mora discusses UCLA’s 2013 outlook with ESPN’s Chris Fowler.

Coach Jim Mora was on the ESPN set last week as part of Pac-12's media blitz through the North East. ICYMI here is the sit down he had with Chris Fowler during which they went over few general topics.

The interview doesn't have anything news worthy as Mora goes over topics we have covered here extensively before. He talks about how he feels more comfortable in the college football scene, talks about potential about Brett Hundley and goes over the depth issues at secondary.

Mora talks about "good young players" in the program who will have a chance to come in and "develop quickly" (invoking the Ronnie Lott's rookie year in San Francisco when the 49ers went to the Super Bowl with primarily a rookie defensive backfield. Fowler didn't buy that comparison.

Mora and Fowler also talked about UCLA's schedule this year. I liked how Mora responded to the question. Instead of referring to the schedule and making preemptive excuses he talked it up as an "opportunity." That's exactly the kind of response I'd love to see from our coaches. I really hope Mora delivers in a big way in his second season in Westwood.