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UCLA Football Pre-season Camp Preview: Official Roster Notes

Notes on UCLA football’s official roster heading into the pre-season camp.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Late last week the official site released the updated roster for upcoming football season. Given that we started our previews about two weeks ago thought we'd point out some updates to our notes:

  • Torian White is now listed at 6-5, 290 - up 8 lbs from his spring listing of 6-5, 282. Jacob Brendel appears to have gained 11 lbs as he is up to 6-4, 285 from 6-4, 276. Kevin McReynolds is up to 6-2, 300 (from 6-2, 292). True freshmen Alex Redmond checks in at 6-5, 305, Christian Morris at 6-6, 315 and John Lopez at 6-5, 325. Redshirt FR Colby Cybert is our "smallest" OL at 6-3, 255.
  • Among LBs Aaron Wallace is now at 6-2, 240 (up from 6-2, 228)[check out IE Angel's season preview here in which he listed weights from spring roster]. Kenny Orjioke is also up to 6-4, 240 (from 6-4, 229). Others who gained some weight include Jordan Zumwalt (up to 6-4, 235 from 6-4, 230) and Taylor Lagace (up to 6'0, 208 from 6'0, 201). Guessing they will lose that weight in San Bernardino heat starting next week.
  • Stan McKay is still listed as LB (6-0, 196). As P noted few days he has moved back to safety in the wake of Dietrich Riley's medical retirement. He may end up playing both position in a hybrid role ala Dalton Hilliard from last year in Mora/Spano's defense.
  • Defensive backfield is obviously a big question mark. It looks like few of the guys have put in some work in the weight room. Fabian Moreau is up to 6-0, 193 (from 6-0, 182), Ishmael Adams is up to 5-8, 190 (from 5-8, 185), Justin Combs is also up to 5-7, 170 (from 5-7, 165) Freshman safety Tyler Foreman is listed at 6-2, 198 which is 8lbs more than his previous listed weight at 6-2, 190.
  • I like the size of our WR corps with Shaquelle Evans (6'1, 211), Devin Lucien (6'0, 185), Jordan Payton (6'1, 212) and Eldridge Massington (6'1, 206). And I am not even taking into account of the guys like Thomas Duarte (6-3, 221) at the Y spot.
  • Devin Fuller is not one of the 7 players with QB designation on our roster. He is listed at WR. We have whole bunch of walk-ons to fill out the QB depth chart.
  • Roosevelt Davis is the shortest player listed in our roster at 5-3, 155. The tallest dudes in our team? Freshman OT Christian Morris checks in at 6-6, 315 and Simon Goines checks in at 6-6, 325.

That's all I have for my initial notes through initial glance of the official roster. What other notes should we take down heading into camp? Share your thoughts in the comment thread.