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Day 5 Evening Practice Starts Hot, Ends Hotter (and early)

A great start to practice is marred by a fight near the end, and Mora makes the team runs sprints for 30 minutes.

Stephen Dunn

The Bruins' hot practice on Monday evening didn't refer to the weather as much as the intensity.  Unfortunately, that intensity boiled over and got Mora red hot as well.  The second practice of Monday's two-a-day started out as a great session with some intense live goal line situations.  Unfortunately, the competition and live hitting led to some intense skirmishes and a fight between two players that had an irate Mora end drills early and put the team through sprints for 30 minutes.  Afterward, the coach was calmer about the events, noting that the team has to learn to maintain composure and stay disciplined.  He added there wouldn't be any disciplinary actions directed at the two players but did say that he hoped this was a learning moment for the team and a chance for more leadership to develop on the squad.

Thanks as always to Edward Lewis and BSRTV

After discussing his thoughts on the end of practice, he did discuss the overall practice and said it was a great practice prior to the events at the end.  He complimented the players' focus and competitiveness, particularly the offense and Brett Hundley in particular, who Mora said "was on fire".

Caleb Benenoch, who appears to be assuming the right guard position, was rested early after some shortness of breath or chest tightness, and Alex Redmond was being evaluated after getting hit in the head.  Mora said he is concerned about the various injuries along the offensive line, not because of a depth issue but because the line seems to have a higher frequency of injuries, and they are looking to see if it is just a random anomaly or if there is some specific reason for it.

Cassius Marsh and Jordan Zumwalt were improved and back at practice.  Eric Kendricks is running now and getting closer to getting on the field.  Eddie Vanderdoes' sore back is also improving and he is working with Coach Alosi.