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UCLA Preseason San Bernardino Camp Day 7 Open Thread

The Bruins will practice twice today in San Bernardino as the season kickoff is now just 17 days away.

Steven Manfro is battling for leading role among the running backs
Steven Manfro is battling for leading role among the running backs
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

It's Wednesday - which means it's hump day - and camels have 2 humps (dromedaries only have one) - so U.C.L.A. will practice twice today. See there? Yes, preseason camp can even drag for bloggers.

The Bruins will be on the field at 8:30 this morning and at 6:00 this evening for practices #9 and 10 of their San Bernardino camp. Both practices are free and open to the public and should last about 2 hours.

There are only a few opportunities left to see our team before they return to Westwood and practices are closed to the public. Following today's sessions, there will be 4 more practices at CSUSB, and the Bruins will cap their preseason camp on Saturday with Meet The Team day. Oh, and there will also be one other awesome little Bruin named Sebastian that you can meet that day, too. Directions and schedule for the remaining practices can be found on the official site here.

This is our open thread for today's two practices. For any spectators who get out to CSUSB, please share your observations and thoughts here. You can also tweet pictures to us at @BruinNation. You can see all of our open threads and practice recaps at our San Bernardino Camp stream here. Let's hope our Bruins get healthier as they get ready to head back to the hills of Westwood.