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2013 UCLA Football Fall Camp: First Day Notes - A Good Start For Asiantii Woulard

Let's read through some quick news clips to get our Thursday morning started at BN. Chris Foster from the LA Times talked to Mora about the team's trip to San Diego to train with the Seals:

Mora said training camp needed a wrinkle.

"Last year was a real powerful experience for our kids and they had a set of expectations of what it was going to be like this year," Mora said. "I wanted to change it a little bit. I wanted to give a new challenge."

The work, Zumwalt said, "was hard. My legs are still sore." But the experience, Hundley said, will be beneficial.

"They put us through anything and everything," Hundley said. "Some of the stuff wasn't physical. It was mental. They pushed us through limits where we have to go."

BTW speaking of that training we did share a photo via Elridge Massington tweet yesterday. But Massington deleted the tweet. I am guessing someone in the coaching staff wasn't pleased.

Anyway, let's hope the extra wrinkle pays off in the next few days. Jack Wang from Inside UCLA is off to a strong start this camp. He has posted few videos after yesterday's practice which includes:

Practice will get started at 4 pm today. We will share more nuggets, tidbits as we read them through the day. In the meantime if you were at practice, feel free to share your thoughts, reflections here.