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2013 UCLA Football Fall Practice: Thoughts on Freshmen OL, Hundley Mentoring Woulard and More Day 2 Notes

Let's pile on additional notes after second day of practice. Coach Adrian Klemm shared some interesting comments on the state of OL with the press yesterday. Earlier this spring Klemm was so frustrated with some of the returning players in OL that he thought 2 or 3 freshmen would compete for the starting spot. Well it looks like he is recalibrating his observations on OL a bit after two days of practice:

After the Bruins started preseason training camp in San Bernardino, Klemm clarified: He meant that two or three of his seven freshmen will compete for, not necessarily win, a spot.

"More often than not, they're not as technically sound as you'd like them to be," said Klemm, who was named Pac-12 Recruiter of the Year by both and "We have three or four of those guys that are physically close.

"We have probably three of them that have a long ways (to go) in terms of body composition. Two that came in pretty poor shape."

Klemm declined to specify which freshmen fell into which group, but four-star recruit Caleb Benenoch is definitely in the first. The former Michigan State commitment has a chance to start at right guard, where Klemm is currently rotating four different players to try and find a starter.

"He's physically pretty damn close," Klemm said of Benenoch, who measures at 6-foot-5 and around 313 pounds. "He's one of the stronger guys in our group."

Benenoch certainly sounds and looks confident in this video Ralph put together after first day of practice which also includes comments from fellow freshmen OL and returning OL Simon Goines. Also comments worth tracking are the one from red shirt sophomore OL Ben Wysocki, who seems a little rejuvenated from all the competition coming from the true freshmen.

What's interesting from Wang's post is the info. that Scott Quessenberry is also getting a look at RG. Scott came in as a pretty heavily recruited OL. It's also encouraging to hear the progress both Goines and Torian White have made from last season. It is unbelievable that White played tackled weighing at 265 lbs last year (he is up to 290 now).

Now hopefully these guys will develop into a formidable line who will provide ample time for Brett Hundley. Speaking of whom Hundle has been given additional responsibilities this camp. Per Chris Foster freshman QB Asiantii Woulard has been "tethered" to Hundley:

"They have him rooming with me and he has the locker next to me," Hundley said. "The coaches haven't said anything to me, but it's pretty obvious they want me to mentor him."

He has.

"The playbook is complex, and I'm always asking Brett questions if I'm confused on something," Woulard said.

Mazzone said Woulard isn't too confused.

"He knows the pace we go at, and the decision making and communication," Mazzone said. "He doesn't get rattled."

Well this is all good news. But don't Foster's report get to your head. Woulard is still a freshman and lot of players look great in practices before experiencing game day. I am encouraged with what I have heard about Woulard in last 48 hours.  But, I hope we don't have to see him on the field until 2014.

Elsewhere, Ellis McCarthy is looking good early. The sophomore DT is down to 325 lbs. Now I am salivating picturing EFM and EDV taking field at the same time. Maybe for the first time since the days of Ben Ball Warriors, we wild with initials on BN. Who knows.

If you are looking for pictures, Jack Wang has them in cool photo gallery here and here [BTW props to Wang, who is off to a good start in his second season of covering the beat].

Lastly, I will end with this video from the official site which has comments from a senior (Stan McKay) and a freshman (Tahan Goodman) member of our defensive backfield.

If you are out there for practice today, enjoy. And come back here to share your notes. Maybe you can share pictures too (you are always welcome to tweet your pictures from practice @BruinNation).