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UCLA Fall Camp Day 1 Recap: Pushing Through Discomfort

In his post-practice press conference, Coach Mora discussed Fitts' decision to leave the program, injury and other personnel issues as well as the process of team bonding.

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We open this recap with a H/T to Edward Lewis of Bruin Sports Report for posting the video of the post-practice press conference on YouTube.

UCLA Coach Jim Mora held his usual post-practice press conference after the first day of fall football camp where he discussed Kylie Fitts' choice to leave the program. Mora was supportive of Fitts and understanding that he is making a decision that is best for him right now.

Mora mentioned that three freshmen had not lived up to the standards that the coaches are looking for and, as a result, Aaron Sharp, Jordan Lasley and Dwight Williams will rejoin the team on August 31st after the Virgina game. He added that they are not suspended.

Coach Mora also said that Jalen Ortiz and Michael Carlson have switched both positions and numbers. Ortiz will now play cornerback and wear number 18 while Carlson will play receiver and wear number 8. Taylor Lagace has been moved to fullback as well.

Mora said that camp is about focusing on football, getting to know each other better and helping each other push through discomfort together.

He added:

What I've asked them to do is, you know, we see our young people so often, heck, all of us now...The minute we have a free moment what do we do? We freakin'...isolate ourselves in our own little world and so we take their phones away. We don't take their computers away. We ask them to put them away and spend time like, actually, like talking. Yeah, it's this really cool concept that a lot of kids don't understand. Talking. So hopefully they'll do that and they'll just get to know each other a little better.

On the injury front, Darren Andrews and Johnnie Johnson will both be out for the year due to injuries. Simon Goines is "good to go" but will be worked into things slowly. Mossi Johnson landed on his shoulder during practice and was having the injury x-rayed.

To wrap up where we started, on Monday night Kylie Fitts tweeted about his decision to leave the program, citing personal reason, not playing time issues.

We wish him the best of luck!

Go Bruins!