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UCLA Preseason Camp Day 3 Recap: Mazzone on Offense and Lucien on Leadership

UCLA Football's training camp continues with the 4th session of the fall this afternoon in San Bernardino. Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone and WR Devin Lucien spoke with the media afterward.

Devin Lucien is stepping into a leadership role with the Bruin receivers.
Devin Lucien is stepping into a leadership role with the Bruin receivers.
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The Bruins held day 3 of the preseason camp in San Bernardino in helmets and shoulder pads, so there was a bit more action on the field. We had a lot of tweets and comments in the practice open thread today so you can read some of the highlights of the day here.

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone met with the media after practice today and so much of the talk had to do with the offense. Thanks to Ed Lewis at Bruin Sports Report for the video.

Mazzone was his usual jovial aw shucks self, as you can see in the video, but, despite pointing out his age, he did single out Coach Kennedy Polamalu for praise on a couple occasions. Mazzone feels the running backs have seen the biggest jump of all the units on the team since KPs arrival just 6 months ago and he also raved about the development of TE Nate Iese who has also been under KPs tutelage.

The coordinator also talked about the quarterbacks, noting Brett Hundley's continued development and assertiveness on the field, and also adding later that he sees progress with Asiantii Woulard and that he is "starting to flash a little bit" and the games is slowing down for him at times.

Mazzone also talked about the offensive line and the addition of Malcolm Bunche. As was noted in the open thread today, with RT Simon Goines still out and backup Conor McDermott missing today also, Caleb Benenoch moved across from left tackle to right tackle and Bunche moved outside to left tackle and OL line coach Adrian Klemm loved what he saw. Mazzone said that he "feels good about the OL this year", which is something I'm pretty sure I never heard from him last season when he basically admitted that he shortened the playbook due to the youth and inexperience on the OL in midseason.

As to why the quarterbacks switched from red jerseys to yellow, "We don't really like red".  Love it.

Devin Lucien also spent a lot of time with the media after practice (big day, as he was the cover photo for this yesterday's practice recap, too) and it is an awesome watch. The young man is really well spoken but still has no trouble giving honest answers and is really enjoyable to listen to. He is becoming the de facto leader of the wide receiver corp and seems to have stepped into the leadership role left open by Shaquellle Evans. You can see how he remains a voracious student of the game and his position, but he is also becoming a great teacher and role model for the young receivers.

Check out the video here and a big thank you to David Woods at Bruin Report Online for the transcript and for making it all public.

Them Bruins is nice.

Practice #4 will be at 3pm tomorrow. Follow the news and notes, or share your own observations if you are lucky enough to get out to see practice in our open thread tomorrow.