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UCLA Football: Father of UCLA QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson Goes Off On Chip Kelly

Michael Thompson, the father of UCLA’s freshman quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson, sent out a tweet tonight in which he went off on Bruins head coach Chip Kelly.

Fresno State v UCLA Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Earlier this evening, Michael Robinson, the father of UCLA Bruins freshman quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson, took to Twitter and, in his best impression of LaVar Ball, he completely called out Chip Kelly for the team’s woes.

Mr. Robinson blames “lousy coaching and play calling” for the fact that the Bruins are now 0-3. He goes on to write that Kelly’s coaching “is so bad that it demands closed practices.”

He also calls him a “[m]illion dollar coach who bares [sic] no responsibility.”

It sounds like things are deteriorating fast.

On September 4th, Robinson tweeted this.

On Wednesday, Robinson sent this tweet out.

Then came tonight’s tweetstorm in which the elder Robinson blasted Chip Kelly.

Tonight’s first tweet was this one. It was in response to a tweet from Bruin Report Online which was critical of the Bruin offense.

But, Robinson’s father didn’t stop there. He sent out a second tweet.

And, he also sent out a third tweet, which called Kelly’s success at Oregon “a fluke on his part.”

Now, I hadn’t seen the tweets from BRO until I was sent the Michael Robinson tweets, but the video in the second tweet sure seems to show Chip Kelly trying to talk to his quarterback and it looks like Thompson-Robinson is taking an attitude as he comes off the field and walks right past his head coach.

Whether that’s the case is certainly debatable. I looked at it multiple times on my Tivo to try to assess whether that was truly the case or not and I couldn’t tell for sure.

I reached out to UCLA for a response to Robinson’s comments and received none by the time this article was published. It will be updated in the event that a response is received.

Go Bruins.