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Pregame Guesses: UCLA Bruins Host San Diego State Aztecs

The focus this week will be on the UCLA offense, specifically asking who will play in UCLA’s backfield at the QB and RB positions.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Cincinnati Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After a tough loss at Cincinnati last week, the UCLA Bruins football team (0-1) looks to get on track this week versus the San Diego State Aztecs (1-0). Although UCLA looked unconvincing versus the Bearcats and had major issues at the quarterback position, they were still one bad call away—the early whistle on the scoop-and-score—from being right in the game in the final couple of minutes.

UCLA wasn’t the only team that will line up tomorrow that had a tough first week. SDSU did not impress at all at home, beating FCS Weber State by the “baseball score” of 6-0. The Aztecs kicked two field goals, one in the second quarter and one in the fourth quarter. Obviously, SDSU did not find the end zone.

Is this the pillow fight of the week? Let’s listen to a tune as we get to this week’s guesses.

Well, the first game of 2019 looked a lot like the games in 2018 in which Dorian Thompson Robinson played quarterback. Not good. The run defense looked a bit better, but UCLA was also victimized a number of times on third and long.

Despite all the off-season talk, there were not many signs of improvement versus Cincinnati. To many fans, including this one, it looked like 2018 all over again.

And, it is with that sentiment that I give you this week’s music selection: it is Sonny & Cher’s 1965 classic “I Got You Babe.” If you are scratching your head now wondering how in the heck a song about how this ‘60s song is relevant to UCLA football, you most likely have not seen the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day,” a cult classic in which Bill Murray wakes up to the same day (February 2nd) over and over and over and over. And, of course, when the alarm clock turns on each day for our movie protagonist, the song which plays is the aforementioned hit by Sonny & Cher. Enjoy the song and the movie montage:

A big hat tip goes out to Bruins Nation’s editor, Joe Piechowski, for the suggestion for this week’s music selection and video. It was perfect.

Onto the guesses!

Let’s make the first guess simple. UCLA scored two touchdowns on the road last Thursday in Cincinnati in a loss. San Diego State failed to score a touchdown at home in a win versus an FCS opponent. The first part of the question almost writes itself, so we’ll make it a two-parter.

PREGAME GUESS NUMBER 1: Which team scores more touchdowns tomorrow, UCLA or SDSU? How many touchdowns will that team score?

Many UCLA fans were surprised that wide receiver Demetric Felton lined up in the backfield and had the majority of UCLA’s carries in the game with twenty-three. Joshua Kelley did not play due to injury, nor did Kazmeir Allen or any of UCLA’s freshmen. Martell Irby only had three carries. Will Felton be a focal point going forward? Will Kelley be back this week? I don’t think any UCLA fan predicted what we saw out of the UCLA backfield and I think most are equally in the dark about that we will see this weekend.

PREGAME GUESS NUMBER 2: Which UCLA player will get the majority of carries tomorrow versus San Diego State?

I am not going to rehash all that has been said about Dorian Thompson Robinson and his performance last week. UCLA head coach Chip Kelly is on record that he did not consider sitting DTR, although many fans want to see what else UCLA has at the position. How does the old saying go? The backup QB is the most popular/liked player on the team? Something like that. Here is another two-part question.

PREGAME GUESS NUMBER 3: Who starts under center for UCLA tomorrow? Will that quarterback play the entire game, or will we see someone else?

Students are not back in school. Fans are disappointed in UCLA’s performance last week. Traditionally, SDSU visiting Pasadena has not exactly filled the Rose Bowl. Far from it actually. With a strange 1:15 p.m. PT kickoff and a predicted high of 90 degrees in Pasadena on Saturday, will fans come out to the game?

BONUS GUESS: Predict the attendance at the Rose Bowl this weekend.

That is it for PGG this week. Fire away with your answers in the comment section below!

Go Bruins!