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Spauding Notes: Perkins to Start at Running Back, McCarthy Still Doubtful & Other UCLA Notes

Here are Coach Mora's comments after practice on Thursday:

Mora was effusive in his praise of Jared Goff - Cal's freshman QB. Mora doesn't consider him a freshman any more and suggested he was playing like veteran. He called Goff poised, praises him for his accuracy and also suggested his mobility was under-rated.

Mora expressed some concern about substituting defensive personnel against a Cal's fast-paced "Bear Raid" offense. On the other side of the ball, he didn't seem to worried about giving  up some yards against Bears as long as they are "empty" yards not "meaningful" ones.

Other Personnel notes:

  • Ellis McCarthy is still doubtful. Although he practiced on Thursday, it doesn't sound like he is going to play on Saturday.
  • Marcus Rios still has "lot of ground" to make up and make it through a normal practice without setbacks. He doesn't want to put him into a situation where he gets hurt
  • With Jordon being out Paul Perkins will start. Steven Manfro, Damien Thigpen and Malcolm Jones should get carries. He called Perkins more of a "one cut downhill" runner who wouldn't dance around as much and will just put his shoulder down.
  • He has been impressed with three freshmen during scout team: 1) Eldridge Massington, 2) Craig Lee and 3) Asiantii Woulard. They are working hard. He also gave shootouts out Scott Quisenberry and Colby Cyburt.

Saturday can't get here soon enough.