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Was TE Chris Clark's First Game For UCLA His Last? (Updated)

It appears to be the case based on his Twitter account. And, now, the LA Times answers the question with a yes.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

UCLA Freshman TE Chris Clark is apparently in NJ tonight. This news comes from a tweet sent by Clark at 10:13 pm PT.

201 is the area code for his hometown of Ridgewood, NJ. Clark did not reply to any of the questions people have asked him since posting his tweet. The tweet has since been deleted.

Something certainly appears to be up as Clark's previous tweet to that one, while still cryptic, would seem to indicate that something isn't right.

Clark played in Saturday's game against Virginia but did not have a reception.

He certainly hasn't had the easiest adjustment to college as he was suffering from mono at the start of Fall camp and he missed most of camp because of it. That may have left him behind on the learning curve. But, despite that, the coaches still decided to play him in the Virginia game last weekend.

On Thursday, Coach Mora was asked about how Clark was doing with his learning process. Mora responded by saying this:

He's learning. He missed a good bit of time. So, it's hard when you a lot of miss time but he got some plays in on Saturday. He just has to keep trying to get better.

If the rumors turn out to be true and Clark has left the program permanently, we wish him the best.

This is a story which will certainly develop more in the morning and we will update this article as need be.

UPDATE (9/13): Chris Foster of the LA Times is now reporting that Clark has, in fact, left the program, but his articles is list no other details which BN hasn't already reported.

Go Bruins!!!