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Spaulding Roundup - Recruiting Weekend & Freshmen Contributions

The UCLA Coaches will hit the road to round up another highly ranked recruiting class.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

As always, thanks to Edward Lewis at BruinSportsReport.

Yet again, it's a short video from Jim Mora, as there isn't much going on without a game on Saturday, but it is a big recruiting weekend (and next weekend! We play on Thursday!) Coach Ulbrich and Coach Yarber were not at practice today, as they already left to start their recruiting trips and the coaches will be spread out to watch recruits. Talking to recruits as a coach from a 3-0 team Mora acknowledges is in our favor and people take more notice when you're having success.

Mora once again was asked about our many contributing freshmen, as he heaped more praise on Alex Redmond, who can only improve, by getting bigger and stronger, and working with Coach Klemm. Mora lauded his football intelligence, that he has a bit of a mean streak in him, but he can handle the situation well, specifically mentioning the Nebraska game.

Mora also answered questions about Kenny Clark, and turned it into a praise of the defensive line overall - they may not have the flashy statistics, but they are anchoring the defense.

All the freshmen are doing well, mentioning Jalen Ortiz and that he has the capability to return punts, and the only guy that hasn't seen a lot of playing time is the punter, Sean Covington, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing, although we suspect it may change as we get further into Pac-12 season.

Speaking of Pac-12 play, Mora mentioned that the Nebraska game was a great experience builder heading into Pac-12 play, especially since we have difficult road games. Someone tried to bait Mora into the SEC comparison again, and he didn't fall for it, saying he only focuses on UCLA and he'll look at it when he has to at the end of the season.

Looking ahead to Travis Wilson and Utah, they will begin watching film on him tomorrow and begin game prep on Sunday.

Injuries, Darren Andrews was in a sling - he fell on his shoulder again, and will probably be back for practice on Sunday, but he will be ready to play against Utah.