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UCLA vs. Virginia

Full coverage of UCLA's 2015 game against the Virginia Cavaliers at the Rose Bowl, along with past articles on UCLA vs. UVa.

UVa Coach Mike London Preps for UCLA's Rosen

The Cavaliers coach spoke with Fox Sports about preparing his team for facing the Bruins new QB.

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Kendricks Honored for Performance v. UVa

Still getting positive national attention, even when we stink up the field.

Overrated? UCLA Escapes by Lowly UVA 28-20

Jim Mora and his clown collection of coaches rolled out to Charlottesville to take on a UVA squad coming off a 2-10 season, with an inexperienced QB, and barely managed to escape with a close win in a laughable performance.

UCLA Bruins-Virginia Cavaliers: 2nd Half Thread

UCLA heads into the second half against Virginia with the score 21-10.

UCLA Bruins at Virginia Cavaliers Open Thread

The Bruins take the field for the first time in 2014, facing off in Charlottesville against the Virginia Cavaliers.

Woo-hoo! It's Gameday! Pre-Game Open Thread

I'm not sure about anyone else, but I woke up hella early this morning. I think part of it was the anticipation of the start of the season.

Behind Enemy Lines: Q&A With Streaking The Lawn

Streaking The Lawn, SB Nation's University of Virginia blog answers our questions about UVA football, the ACC and the new college football season.

Pregame Guesses: Virginia Cavaliers Edition

The Bruins take on Virginia in the first game of the season, looking for their defense to set the tone.

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UCLA @ UVA: Watch Parties & Virginia Bruin Events

UCLA Football @ UVA: Watch Parties and Bruin Gatherings in Virginia. We have Information on UCLA Kick-off Watch Parties around the country and Bruin get-togethers and logistics for those going to Charlottesville.

Oppo Preview: Virginia's Stout Defense

In Part III of our Virginia preview, we take a look at Virginia's respectable defense.

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"The Drive" Begins Tonight: Open Thread

"The Drive" Begins Tonight Chronicling this Year's UCLA Football Team. Join us tonight at 7 p.m. in an open thread as we watch the first episode together and get ready for the UCLA football season to commence.

Spaulding Roundup: Focused and Locked In.

Coaches Jim Mora and Adrian Klemm spoke to the media after practice and it sounds like they feel the team is ready to play some real football.

Bruin Tweets: GAME WEEK

Getting ready for Virginia, NWSL Championship, and Movie Theater Etiquette

Oppo Preview: Virginia's Stagnant Offense

In Part II of our Virginia preview, we take a look at Virginia's struggling offense, which couldn't find it's stride last year.

Spaulding Report: Getting serious about Virginia

Coach Mora met with the media after practice and he didn't always have a whole lot to say. And that says a whole lot right there.

Spaulding Recap: Bruin "Evolution"

The Bruin Revolution continues with the Bruin Evolution. Myles Jack discusses the linebacker evolution, Ryan Hofmeister talks about the special teams evolution, and Hundley gets respect from UVa Coach.

Oppo Preview - Virginia's Coaching Staff & ST

With the Bruins opening up this week, we take our first look at Virginia.

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Looks Like There's Room for More Bruins!

With an estimated crowd of 45K, there's still room for 15K more Bruins. There's still time to get tickets!

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UVa's QB Doesn't Know Jack...Yet!

He claims UVa defense is as good or better than the Bruins' defense. Cleary, he doesn't know Jack! But he will!

UCLA LB Kendricks Discusses Secondary And Goals

UCLA LB Eric Kendricks was part of the panel discussion at Saturday's Season Ticket Holder event. He spoke about the Secondary, Defensive goals and expectations and more.

Myles Jack Talks Playing Offense, D-Line and More

UCLA's two-way phenom Myles Jack was part of the panel discussion at Saturday's Season Ticket Holder event. He talked about playing Offense, the Defensive Line and what he has learned since last season.

Hundley Discusses O-Line, Receivers and More

UCLA's Heisman Trophy candidate Brett Hundley was part of the panel discussion at Saturday's Season Ticket Holder event. He talked about the Offensive Line, Receivers and the expectations of our coaches.

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Thousands Meet the Bruins On Saturday

Despite being moved from Pauley Pavilion due to the Sunset Flood, thousands of fans showed up on Saturday to hear from Mora, Hundley, Kendricks and Jack and meet this year's team.

UCLA Coach Jim Mora discusses the 2014 Bruins

UCLA Coach Jim Mora discusses the 2014 Bruins at the UCLA Football Season Ticket Holder event on Saturday.

Duarte Getting Ready, DLine New Talent, The Drive

Spaulding Practice Round-Up: Thomas Duarte, Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, and "The Drive". As UCLA Football prepares for it's opener in 8 days, Coach Mora closes practice to the press and we have a sneak preview of "The Drive".

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"The Drive" Sneak Peak

Get a sneak peak of "The Drive" which premieres Wednesday, 8/27 @ 7pm on Pac-12 Networks!

Spaulding: Freshmen D-Linemen Playing Time

Not as many freshmen will play for the Bruins this year, but three on the defensive line could get significant playing time, and more.

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UCLA's Freshmen DLs Won't Redshirt

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Virginia Prep: Practice Updates, Cavaliers' Notes

The Bruins kickoff the 2014 season in Charlottesville, facing a Virginia team with something to prove.

Bruin Tweets: Steven Manfro, Comedian

Denzel Washington visits UCLA Football practice, and hilarity ensues.

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Watch 10 Reasons To Get Hype for UVA Football!

Denzel Washington Remembers the Bruins

OC Register reporter Ryan Kartje tweeted last week that Brett Hundley said the only person who would make him starstruck would be Denzel Washington. Guess who showed up at the Bruins' practice today.