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Colorado Buffaloes at UCLA Bruins Game Thread

Can the Bruin defense stop the Colorado offense?

NCAA Football: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, UCLA went into Colorado and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The Bruins blew a 10-7 halftime lead by giving up 13 second half points while the UCLA offense couldn’t seem to do much of anything.

Thankfully, the Bruin offense shouldn’t be a problem tonight.

But, of course, the big question is “Can the UCLA defense keep the Buffaloes out of the end zone?” After watching the first four games of the season, that just doesn’t seem likely. So, expect another shootout.

Other questions that will be answered tonight include “Will Bruin fans show up wearing white?” and “How full or empty will the Rose Bowl be?” We’ll see tonight.

Game Time Weather Forecast

The weather forecast looks good for tonight’s game. It should be clear and a comfortable 72 degrees at kickoff.

By halftime, look for the temperature to drop to about 69 and it should drop a few more degrees to the mid-60s in the second half.

Listen to the Game Here on BN!

Last weekend, anyone who left their TV volume turned up heard the abomination that was the announcing team of Mark Jones and Rod Gilmore. How many times did they mispronounce names of UCLA players? Too many to count. It wasn’t just Soso Jamabo whose name they couldn’t seem to pronounce either, even though his name was butchered most frequently.

Well, we here at BN have a solution for you!

This season, we are proud to, again, have today's audio feed for everyone who opts to use the TuneIn player embedded below. For optimum results, start the audio feed then pause your DVR and sync them up together so you don't have to listen to the ESPN broadcast team if you don't want to.

Join your fellow fans discussing today’s game below. This is your Colorado Buffaloes at the UCLA Bruins game thread.

Go Bruins!!!