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UCLA Bruins Head to the Half Up 14-10

UCLA’s defense only allows 10 points in the first half!

NCAA Football: Colorado at UCLA Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA came into this game as the No. 1 pass offense in the Pac-12. While the Buffaloes came in ranked in the top 3 in the Pac-12 in passing defense. On the flip side, we all know where UCLA’s defense ranked coming into this game, LAST!. However, Colorado’s offense has not shown much of anything this year, ranking second to last in total offense in the Pac-12.

Well, the offense moved the ball and the defense, to nobody’s surprise, continued to let people move the ball on them. Not to mention, sprinkle in the lack of discipline plays that have been a hallmark of this team so far this year, and that’s 2017 UCLA Football.


The Bruins took the first drive down the field, and converted a few big plays. A 3rd and 11 conversion from Rosen to Andrews, a 4th and 1 run by Jalen Starks for a first down, and another 3rd and 1 run by Starks. However the drive stalled and a 4th and 9 pass by Rosen was not even close. So 15 plays and 3rd and 12

The second UCLA drive at least produced points. A huge Josh Rosen pass to the middle to Jordan Lasley for 44 yards to the CU 22 was the big play. It was capped with a Rosen TD pass to Austin Roberts.

On UCLA’s next scoring drive, there was a little flea-flicker trickery. On a 2nd and 8 play, Josh Rosen threw a beautiful ball to Jordan Lasley for 46 yards to the CU 1. UCLA rushed to the line since there was some doubt about the catch being completed, and after two plays the Bruins scored a rushing TD by Jalen Starks.


UCLA’s defense has played better tonight, but the defense continues to just not make plays when needed, and they continue to play with a lack of discipline, and the first drive by the Buffaloes was a prime example, with the targeting penalty by Darnay Holmes that led to a TD immediately after the penalty. Not to mention an ability to get off the field on THREE long 3rd down plays.

The defense stepped up on the second drive and was aided by a 15 yard penalty on a big reverse play. The Bruins held on a 3rd and 10 incomplete pass by Steven Montez.

Colorado was able to put up 3 on the board after a big pass by Steven Montez to Laviska Shenault Jr. for 42 yards got the Buffaloes to the UCLA 21.

UCLA allowed the Buffaloes to get the ball at the 4:09 mark and drive down the field. Capped by a horrible 3rd and 2 Illegal Substitution penalty on UCLA that gave the Buffaloes a first down. However, the Bruins held on a HUGE fake FG attempt that was not converted. It was a horrible call by the Buffaloes to pretty much end the half.

Overall, the Bruins played a respectable first half, with both the defense and the offense playing a respectable first half of ball. Anytime our defense only allows 10 points, that is a pretty good half in my book!

Go Bruins!