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2015 Alamo Bowl: UCLA v. Kansas State

Full coverage of 2014 Alamo Bowl featuring No. 11 Kansas State v. No. 14 UCLA Bruins.

Bruin Tweets: Players & Alums Celebrate Bowl Win

A slightly more upbeat Bruin Twitter roundup.

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Mora-Snyder Handshake-Twitter Fiasco: Updates

UCLA's volatile head coach appears to brushoff the legendary Kansas State head coach after the Bruins 40-35 win over the Wildcats in the Alama Bowl. Mayhem ensued.

[UPDATE] BIZARRE: Mora's Twitter Account Vanishes

It appears that Jim Mora has deleted his Twitter account after getting embroiled in a Twitter controversy following the end of the Alamo Bowl game.

Bruin Tweets: The K-State Leap Aftermath

Bush league?

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Throwing Jim Mora Into the Briar Patch

"By focusing much of the post game discussion on "the handshake", the media is throwing Jim Mora into the "briar patch" -- a place from which he can easily escape."

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Angus McClure With Alternate Video Angle of K-State Leap

You do have to wonder, why do you have huge d-linemen in on a kneeldown if we didn't suspect something was up.

The Morning After, Epilogue: Kansas State

Ten wins, back to back bowl wins, beating the #11 team are all good things. Really. But like the post game handshake, there is still a feeling that this season didn't end just how it should have.

Watch: Mora Loses it in Post Game Presser

Hey, we won 10 games. Apparently that's the new standard.

Mora Gets Embroiled In a Twitter War w CFB Fans

Jim Mora gets embroiled in an ugly Twitter swarm in his effort to defend his post-game exchange with college football legend Bill Snyder.

WATCH: Mora-Snyder's Bizarre Post Game Exchange

UCLA's volatile head coach appears to have brushed off the legendary Kansas State head coach after the Bruins 40-35 win over the Wildcats in the Alama Bowl.

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UCLA 40, K-State 35: UCLA wins the Alamo Bowl

UCLA finishes the third year of the Mora era with 10 wins and a semi-questionable ending.

UCLA 40, Kansas State 35: Bruins Hold on to Win Alamo Bowl

In a game that was the very definition of a tale of two halves, the Bruins managed to just barely hold on against the Kansas State Wildcats to come away with a close 40-35 win in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio.

UCLA Bruins v. Kansas State: 2nd Half Thread

In the Valero Alamo Bowl, the UCLA Bruins take a 31-6 lead over the Kansas State Wildcats into the 2nd half.

UCLA v. Kansas St. Alamo Bowl 1st Half Gamethread

Bruins Nation's first half gamethread for UCLA football's final game of the 2014 season, at the Alamo Bowl versus the Kansas State Wildcats.

Friday Bowl Game Open Thread + Gameday Bruin Bites

The Bruins are just a few hours away from taking the field for the final time in the 2014 season, while several other bowl games go on throughout the country today.

Mora Fails to Squash 49ers/NFL Rumors

On the eve of UCLA's appearance in the Alamo Bowl UCLA's Jim Mora failed to squash speculation about his possible interest in other jobs.

Pregame Guesses: Alamo Bowl Edition

The season was glass half full and half empty at the same time. Nine wins is pretty good, but this team should have done much better.

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Kansas State Wildcats Previews

BN's previews of Kansas State leading up to the Alamo Bowl

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Alamo Bowl Prep: News and Notes

News and notes as the #14 UCLA Bruins prepare to face #11 Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio on January 2nd at 3:45pm on ESPN.