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Spaulding Roundup: Kansas State Reminds UCLA of Arizona; Bruins in “Full Strength”

News and notes from UCLA football programs as the Bruins begin preparation for taking on Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Bruins started practicing for Kansas State yesterday. Here are Coach Mora's comments after practice yesterday (Thank you Ed!):

Lot of folks have compared Kansas State to Stanford. But Mora called KSU's offense a "more exotic version of Arizona." Ulbrich said the same thing today.  He also said the KSU Wildcats have the "best special teams" Bruins have faced all year.

Mora also talked about picking up the "tempo" blah blah blah. That stuff was fun to hear in his first year but doesn't resonate as much after three years of Noel Mazzone.

Mora said everyone should be at "full strength" including Deon Hollins who is recovering from concussions. Mora said other guys Kenny Orjioke, Johnny Johnson are also coming along as well.

Besides Mora Jordan Payton and Ishmael Adams met the press yesterday as well. You can watch their comments on

And today Noel Mazzone, Jeff Ulbrich, Jake Brendel and Myles Jack met the reporters. Ed Lewis from posted all the videos here (Thanks Ed!).  I didn't find any of the comments from Mazzone from Ulbrich noteworthy. It is probably because I stopped paying attention sometime during the disappointing season.