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Spaulding Roundup: UCLA to Wear “White Jerseys” at Alamo, Aaron Sharp to Receiver (?) & Other Football Notes

News and notes from UCLA football programs as the Bruins begin preparation for taking on Kansas State in the Alamo Bowl.

Are the Bruins about to move another "quarterback recruit" to wide receiver?
Are the Bruins about to move another "quarterback recruit" to wide receiver?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bruins held their third consecutive practice at Spaulding to prepare for the Alamo Bowl. Huge thanks again to's Edward Lewis for sharing these post-practice video interviews on BSR:

One of the reporters asking questions mentioned that there was some "scuffling" going on, but Mora said players were having "fun" and being "very productive." Mora said everyday the players have been getting "better." Mora went on to say that the UCLA players are working on getting their "heavy," "physical" and "padded work" done at UCLA, and then go through the practices second time when they get to San Antonio.

Mora also said there was "never a question" that Payton was coming back and doesn't know "where it started." He is "excited" about all the guys coming back next year. He then talked on about all the guys coming back next year on offense except for Brett Hundley, Malcolm Bunche and Jordan James (bookmark this page if we hear the "young" and "inexperienced" excuse sometime at mid point of next season).

There was an interesting exchange about freshman "quarterback" Aaron Sharp. Here is a tweet from Kartje:

Mora didn't offer any clear answers about whether Sharp will go the Devin Fuller route, and be moved to receiver. If that happens that will be the third quarterback recruit under Mazzone who haven't worked out at that specific spot, adding to lack of depth at QB position in Westwood.

Besides Mora seniors - Eric Kendrick and Brett Hundley - also spoke to the reporters after practice at Spaulding. Go over to BSR to watch those interviewsI know Brett is technically not a "senior," but he is a fourth year junior, and he is leaving us as we all know he would after the Alamo Bowl. Brett has done enough that we can get nostalgic about him as a senior. He has lifted UCLA out of the dark years, but he could have done more if he had decent offensive coordinator and a quarterbacks' coach at UCLA.

If you haven't read up the official Alama Bowl notes, here you go. Bruins are the designated "home team," but for some reason will be wearing the "white jerseys." Weird. Couple of other tweets of interest:

Go Bruins!