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UCLA's Reserve Offensive Lineman Malcolm Bunche Out of Alamo Due to Academic Issues

Today's big news:

More from Ryan Kartje:

When he initially transferred to UCLA, Bunche's father told reporters that he had received a fourth-round draft grade from the NFL draft advisory committee. But he opted to play a final season in Westwood, in hopes of raising his profile. Instead, Bunche struggled mightily to defend quarterback Brett Hundley's blind side and was eventually moved inside to guard. He was demoted again after three games on the interior, only seeing spot duty on a suddenly resurgent UCLA offensive line from there on.

A few months after Bunche's future seemed bright, it's now appears unlikely he'll be drafted at all.

Bunche has been a non-factor since Connor McDermott took over at LT. It's too bad Bunche's football career didn't work out at UCLA but we wish he can at least salvage his academic one before he is done in Westwood.