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Alamo Bowl Roundup: UCLA Football Preparing for Tyler Lockett, Saying Goodbye to Eric Kendricks, and Myles Jack Dining Options

The UCLA defense took to the microphone today to answer the questions of the media.

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Today at the podium was the UCLA defense, represented by Coach Jeff Ulbrich, Eric Kendricks, Myles Jack, Owa Odhiguzuwa, and Kenny Clark.

Video courtesy of the OC Register and Ryan Kartje. Thanks!

Some of the highlights, since we didn't get much insight:

  • When asked how Brett Hundley has led this team, even though he's on offense, everyone said he is a leader, everyone followed him, he took the reins and he is a role model.  Owa is happy to have one more game with him.
  • When asked about the leadership example of Kendricks, the general consensus is that he has been a great example to follow, he is extremely authentic, and Owa said UCLA has been fortunate to have someone like him represent them.  Kendricks was asked where he got that leadership, he said it was how he was brought up and the values instilled in him, along with his brother Mike helping out.
  • Jack was asked about being the leader of the defense next year, and he said you could say that but he's got a long way to go before he can play that position.
  • KSU's Tyler Lockett is a "pain in the ass" in the words of Jeff Ulbrich in that you know he's going to get the ball and make the play - he's going to be a great challenge for the secondary but they're excited for the chance.
  • As for KSU's "exotic" (in Coach Jim Mora's words) offense, Ulbrich said it's poses a lot of challenges with lots of different personnel and formations. The triple option is now the quadruple option in that you don't have an offense schematically. We have to win our one on one battles. We have to have great technique and effort.
  • They asked Owa and Jack to reminisce on their All-American Bowl Games, which is also this week in San Antonio.  Owa remembered as a sophomore he said he was going to play in that game, and he enjoyed having the chance to compete at a high level with players around the country. Jack said he had fun and he liked how he knew where he stacked up against some of the most talented players in the country.
  • Kendricks was asked about Kenny Young stepping into his role and he said Young has learned a lot over the course of the season and has become a better player, and expects a lot of things out of him.
  • Kenny Clark arrived to the press conference a little late, and he was asked about what he hopes to accomplish in the bowl game this year, and he said it's the same as last year - you want a win.

The presser ended with Coach Ulbrich suggesting next year they should bring in the opposing offense, and they should line up and face off like they do at fight weigh ins, which would make it interesting.

Laugh of the press conference goes to Myles Jack - apparently he's been on the hunt for good Mexican food in San Antonio, and when asked if he's found any yet, he said no because he went to Hooters the last two nights, which someone said (probably Ulbrich) said he probably shouldn't have said that, but he'll try to find some tonight.

Today the team went to SeaWorld and half of the team went to visit the troops at the Center for the Intrepid.

Black Fish Pt. 2

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Here's the video!

Go Bruins.