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Alamo Bowl Notes: Noel Mazzone’s Failure to Develop Quality Quarterback Depth at UCLA

News and notes from the Alamo Bowl where UCLA’s offensive coordinator met the media in San Antonio on Wednesday.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday UCLA's defense met the reporters in San Antonio. Today it was the offense's turn. Noel Mazzone led the offensive delegation in the press conference with Jordan Payton, Brett Hundley, Thomas Duarte, Jake Brendel and Paul Perkins.

Here is the video via Ryan Kartje from the OC Register:

Edward Lewis from has the videos too.

The big takeaway is that Mazzone thinks that Jerry Neuheisel is good enough to be the starting QB at UCLA:

And Jake Brendel is reminding everyone that Josh Rosen will be a true freshman:

There was also this news about Brendel:


Going back to the quarterback issue it is distressing to hear that Asiantii Woulard is so far behind in the quarterback depth chart at UCLA. That underlines the less than adequate job (both) Mazzones have done in building up quarterback depth for an elite program in Westwood.

It makes one wonder why does this still man have a job in Westwood?

From the press reports it appears as if Mora's agent is trying to milk another payraise out of our joke athletic director by leveraging all the "chatter" of Mora going somewhere else. If we had a strong AD he or she wouldn't pay attention to this nonsense and would also make sure there are no pay raises for two coordinators who didn't get the job done this past year in Westwood.