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UCLA's Jim Mora Fails to Squash Speculation About San Francisco 49ers or Other Jobs

On the eve of UCLA's appearance in the Alamo Bowl UCLA's Jim Mora failed to squash speculation about his possible interest in other jobs.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Mora and Bill Snyder met the reporters for a formal pre-game press conference to talk about their week in San Antonio. Here is the video via Jack Wang:

During the press-conference Mora was asked about the speculation about San Francisco 49ers or NFL chatter in general. His answer was less than emphatic:

"I have no plans to coach anywhere else at this time."


Mora had a clear shot at squashing all the rumors in a key moment leading up to the bowl game and also in a crucial period during recruit. Instead he gave an open-ended answer that will likely fuel even more speculation about his interest in other jobs than UCLA.