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Mora and Snyder Preview Alamo Bowl Between UCLA and Kansas State

Head Coaches Jim Mora and Bill Snyder held a joint press conference today on the eve of their meeting in the Alamo Bowl tomorrow.

Our thanks to Jack Wang with Inside UCLA for sharing the video.

The interviews don't offer anything very new at this point as both coaches complimented their opponents and deflected questions about their respective futures (Mora with the NFL and Snyder with retirement).  But I really did enjoy listening to Coach Snyder's ideas on how he develops players and his team. Snyder and Kansas State are masters at finding those seemingly average high school and junior college recruits and turning them into a perennially sound and physical Big 12 team that pushes for conference titles every year.

Snyder really does deserve to be considered amongst the greatest coaches of all time, and going up against his team presents an important challenge for the Bruins coaching staff.  Like last year when Mora went up against the experienced Coach Frank Beamer and his Virginia Tech Hokies, the Bruins look to have the better roster of players, so it will be up to our coaches to match their counterparts in developing an effective game plan, getting the players in the right frame of mind going in, and making the right play and personnel calls and changes within the game tomorrow.

Snyder has been coaching Kansas State for 22 years and Mora is of course only in his third season with the Bruins, so I expect Mora will see this not only as a challenge on the field but a learning opportunity for his own development in the college game. This season showed we still have a long way to go.