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UCLA Bruins v. Kansas State Wildcats: 2nd Half Thread

In the Valero Alamo Bowl, the UCLA Bruins take a 31-6 lead over the Kansas State Wildcats into the 2nd half.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins took the opening kickoff to start on offense in Brett Hundley's final game as a Bruin against the Kansas State Wildcats.

Hundley hit on the 1st three passes from scrimmage, one on a 19-yard strike over the middle to Thomas Duarte and a fancy triple option look to Devin Lucien on the edge (technically a run) for 34 yards and a conversion on 3rd and 5 to Lucien again on a comeback. From the 10-yard line Hundley dropped back and saw a lane in the Kansas State defense and took it in for a TD run to get UCLA off to a 7-0 lead on the opening drive.

The Bruin defense started out hot as well with a sack from Eric Kendricks, a huge pressure from Deon Hollins on an inside move and great coverage on 3rd and 18 to get the offense the ball back quickly.

The offense looked equally impressive to begin their 2nd drive with a big 30-yard gain from Paul Perkins, but the offense stalled in the red zone and Ka'imi Fairbairn had to come in and kick essentially an extra point to give UCLA a 10-0 in the 1st quarter.

After great coverage on the kickoff (and an overturned fumble), Kansas State started at the 5-yard line for their 2nd drive. One first down was all that the Wildcats could muster before punting on 4th and 13 to Ishmael Adams.

The offense had a huge play on that triple option look by Devin Fuller negated on a block in the back by Mossi Johnson. A couple of passes to Johnson and Fuller got the 1st down a few plays later anyway. Another block in the back by Alex Redmond set the Bruins back again on the next set of downs. Brett Hundley got a big chunk of it back on 2nd down with a completion to Devin Lucien and then kept on a zone read on 4th and 3 for a 28-yard TD run to make it 17-0 in favor of the Bruins.

That Wildcats showed their first real signs of life on their next drive, getting a 25-yard scramble from Jake Waters on a play that had the middle vacated due to Myles Jack being lined up in man coverage on the 2nd WR in a trips set and there being no defender to occupy the 2nd level.

That life was slowed in UCLA territory as Myles Jack got a big TFL and Deon Hollins got a sack on 3rd down to force a KSU FG attempt that bounced off the upright and in to make the score 17-3.

UCLA's next drive was stalled out after drops or failed attempts to make plays on catchable balls by Thomas Duarte and Mossi Johnson and accentuated by a terrible penalty by Caleb Benenoch to make the punt coverage tougher.

Tyler Lockett made his presence felt with a 41-yard punt return that gave the Wildcats the ball at the 15-yard line. The defense held strong and forced another FG attempt that made the score 17-6.

The offense went 3-and-out again after a TFL, Brett Hundley's only off target pass of the half and a sack on a play that Connor McDermott and Alex Redmond got beat on the left side.

After driving into UCLA territory, Jake Waters tried to test man coverage on a seam against Myles Jack and paid for it with an interception and big return.

The Bruin offense quickly capitalized with a 12-yard run by Hundley and a 32-yard TD run by Paul Perkins to make the score 24-6.

The two offenses would trade punts for most of the 2nd quarter after that TD. Marcus Rios would end the Wildcats' final drive of the half with a forced fumble on a sack that Waters never saw coming. Eddie Vanderdoes recovered and gave the Bruins' offense the ball one final time.

The Bruins took advantage on two receptions by Jordan Payton (taking a slant 37 yards) and Devin Lucien catching a 7-yard TD to give UCLA a 31-6 lead at the half.