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UCLA's Jim Mora & Kansas State's Bill Snyder Involved in Bizarre Post Game Exchange

UCLA's volatile head coach appears to have brushed off the legendary Kansas State head coach after the Bruins 40-35 win over the Wildcats in the Alama Bowl.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Just a little while ago UCLA barely hung on to beat a resilient Kansas State team by a score of 40-35. After going up big in first half by a score of 31-6, the Bruins went through a second half implosion. Mora's were on verge of choking the game away before getting bailed out by a huge run by Brett Hundley on a key 3rd down and then a game breaking 67 yard run from Paul Perkins.

There will be lot more on this game as it basically encapsulated an enigmatic and unfulfilling season which will leave many Bruins except for the usual message board coach-worshipping sychophants unsatisfied. One of the key plots in today's game was what has been plaguing the Bruins all season - penalties.

Bruins committed a total of 15 penalties for 128 yards. Number of those penalties were dumb and ugly personal foul variety which left the impression of an undisciplined and dirty UCLA football program on the national stage. And then there was this exchange at the end of the game (HT JNJS):

And while all of that was happening Mora was getting gatorade bath from his players.

I guess this could have been due to Mora's displeasure with Synder calling a timeout towards the end and subsequent hit by KSU player on Brett Hundley in the last play of the game.

Whatever that was it's kind of a bizarre look after an ugly second half for UCLA. At least we won. I guess.