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WATCH: UCLA Football's Post-Alamo Bowl Press Conference with Jim Mora and the Bill Snyder Handshake(s)

Jim Mora, Brett Hundley, Paul Perkins, Eric Kendricks, Owa Odihigizuwa, and Myles Jack answer questions from the media.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora, along with Brett Hundley, Myles Jack, Eric Kendricks, Paul Perkins, and Owa Odighizuwa took to the podium.

Thanks to Ed Lewis of BruinSportsReport.

Mora opened the press conference with the usual pleasantries, congratulating our seniors on their season, thanking K-State for the game and thanking all 10 fans that traveled to the game.  He then started harping on the magical 10 win plateau with the toughest schedule in college football, and it was a huge accomplishment to win 10 games 2 years in a row.

When asked about the difference between the two halves, he plainly said we didn't get the ball much in the second half, and got defensive, saying KSU is the 11th ranked team and they weren't just going to lay down.  (Funny, FSU did that yesterday and they're ranked 3rd.) He then went into his usual platitudes about these are the games you find out who are men... and then his men committed a metric ton of penalties, which he explained away that his team was emotional and tense, and next year, when they've had a chance to mature, we won't have these problems.  We'll see about that. This is the third year (and more, really) that UCLA has had penalty problems.

Mora was asked if his team needs to learn how to close out close games (yes) but he went back into defensive mode, saying they won the game so they closed it out, and again, they're the 11th ranked team in the country.  Mora then threw out a "scoreboard!" comment before remarking "We just won 10 games for the second year in a row, in case you didn't know that."  (if you want to fast forward to this flippage on Foster, go to about the five minute mark.)

(By the way Jim, Oregon has won 10 games in a row since 2008. You know, the team that isn't the "standard" of the Pac-12.)

(and you would have won 10 games three years in a row if you won the Holiday Bowl.)

The media then had a chance to ask the players questions, which weren't overly interesting:

Paul Perkins said he did not fumble the onside kick - he kept it the entire time. He also didn't take much credit for his game winning touchdown, instead giving all the love to his offensive line, and if anyone had a hole that large, they'd score too.

Brett Hundley said it was great to go out on top - they all wanted to win that 10th game.

Myles Jack said it felt good to get that interception.

Eric Kendricks thought it was cool to end his Bruin Career winning the defensive player award.

Owa said yes, they were more aggressive on defense but it's something that was preached to them all season and they executed.

The only other interesting bit was when Mora was asked about his post game handshake with Coach Snyder, and he said it was a normal handshake and there's not a lot to say after that, and the second handshake was due to him running into him again on the way to the podium.

Of course after the presser, he then tweets he will always protect his players and we get this. Great.

Go Bruins.