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Jim Mora Creates a Protected Private Twitter Account to Get Away From the Alamo Controversy

Bellerophon updated my last post but the news is big enough that we should do a stand alone post on it.

The following is the update B posted in my last post:

[UPDATE - January 3, 2015 @ 8:15 p.m. by Bellerophon]: It would appear that Jim Mora has re-surfaced on Twitter (H/T Lisa Horne), but in a private Twitter (@hcuclafb) account that is blocked from public view (you can view the content only if the account owner allows you to follow them).  As Lisa Horne posted earlier on Twitter:

It would appear that numerous UCLA football players have started following this private account, seemingly confirming that Coach Mora has created a new, private Twitter account.  First, that's kind of a no-no from a PR perspective - ducking and going into hiding because of some backlash on Twitter?  Not a good look.  Second, Lisa Horne brings up a great point in this very thread (emphasis added):

A new protected account has appeared ( @hcuclafb ) and it is reportedly followed by some high-profile UCLA players. I am hearing his family was the subject of some pretty awful tweets. His mentions were also pretty bad.

In any case, I don’t know for sure if this is his account but if it is, my biggest concern is lack of transparency. The NCAA cannot monitor his tweets unless he grants them access. Also, why not have a staffer monitor his original account and when he wants to tweet, have him put "—JM" after the tweet so everyone knows that tweet was actually from him? Many high-profile celebrities do that.

Very interesting developments.  Stay tuned.