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UCLA Post-Game Videos: Mora, Hundley, Mazzne and Jack

Coach Jim Mora, QB Brett Hundley, Offensive Coordinator No-O Mazzne and LB/RB Myles Jack each discuss the Memphis game.

Thanks to Ryan Kartje of the Orange County Register for providing last night's post-game videos.

After watching Coach Mora's presser, there really isn't a whole lot to say or comment on because, in my opinion, he didn't say much of anything significant. I like that he opened up talking about the crowd, which at 72,098 was much bigger than I expected and props go out to the Student section which showed up despite school not being in session for a few more weeks.

Brett Hundley described the different between last week and this week offensively this way:

We had fun. We lived for the moment. Last week, we came out tight. This week, we just said screw it.

Here is No-O Mazzne, not saying much of anything.

Finally, here's Myles Jack who talks about how he realized he missed playing offense.