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UCLA Bruins vs. BYU Cougars Game Thread

The Bruins play in the final game of the first round of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational against the BYU Cougars.

NCAA Basketball: Maui Invitational Preview
Bruin Legend and national treasure Bill Walton, shown here with ESPN’s Jay Bilas, will be on the mike for tonight’s UCLA game against BYU.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Bruins play in the last game of the first round of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational when they meet the BYU Cougars at 8:30 pm on ESPN2. Tonight’s game will feature national treasure and Bruin legend Bill Walton.

So, feel free to play the Bill Walton Drinking Game. When Bill refers to the Pac-12 as the “Conference of Champions”, you drink. When Bill mentions the Grateful Dead, you drink. When Bill mentions one of his UCLA teammates, you drink. When Bill mentions Coach, you pause out of respect for Coach and you don’t drink because Coach might not approve. When Bill says, “Throw it down, Big Man!” drink once if the player is on UCLA and twice if he is on BYU. When Bill talks about his travels in Hawai’i, take a drink. If Bill talks about his travels outside the US, drink twice. Drink each time Bill utters the words “Maui Jim” in succession. Every time Bill insults his partner Dave Pasch, you drink. Then, you drink again when Pasch just sits there and takes it.

What else do we need to add to the Bill Walton Drinking Game? Let us know in the comments!

Listen to the Game Here on BN!

This season, we are proud to, again, have today’s audio feed for everyone who opts to us the TuneIn Player link below. For optimum results, start the audio feed then pause your DVR and sync them up together. Tonight’s game is on ESPN2 with Dave Pasch and Bill Walton. If you would prefer to listen to Josh Lewin and Tracy Murray call tonight’s game instead you can listen to tonight’s game online.

Just be sure to right-click on the link above so that you can open up another tab and have it going while you chat in the comments below.

Join your fellow fans discussing tonight’s game.

This is your UCLA Bruins vs. BYU Cougars Maui Jim Maui Invitational game thread.

Go Bruins!!!