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UCLA Men’s Soccer Returns Home to Take on San Diego State

After a successful road trip, the Bruins take on the Aztecs at home in Westwood.

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UCLA returns home to take on San Diego State after a pair of wins on their last road trip.

For the first time since the season opener, UCLA returns home with back-to-back road trip wins. The game-winner against Oregon State came from Milan Iloski who scored his first career goal, while, in the Washington game, it came from a golden goal by Matthew Powell for his first of the season.

Washington went into the game ranked #22. UCLA has not played well against ranked teams. It did not look good for the Bruins because they had not won on the road since the season opener back in August. The future was starting to look bleak. That was until this road trip where it looks as if some of the clouds are finally starting to disappear. While two games aren’t enough to start declaring UCLA conference champions or anything of that sort, it is a step in the right direction.

The last time the Bruins were home, they lost both of the games. After 14 days away, UCLA hosts San Diego State. Now, if you thought the Bruins were having a troublesome season, well then you haven’t seen the Aztecs. They have only won four games this season with eight losses and none of those four wins have come from conference play. No wins and no goals in conference has left San Diego State in a nasty drought that they hope to recover from tonight with their first goal and win.

UCLA has a chance tonight to earn its third straight win. Maybe, just maybe, the tides are turning here for UCLA. Or, perhaps, this is the start of something far worse. I really hope it’s the former. If it proves to be the latter, maybe Dan Guerrero will finally make a move and fire Jorge Salcedo. That’s something which should have been done after the 2015 season.

This is your UCLA Men’s Soccer vs. San Diego State open thread!

Go Bruins!