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UCLA Men’s Soccer Heads to Stanford for the Last Stretch of the Season

The Bruins face the Cardinals looking for a win after their loss the last time the two faced.


UCLA heads up to Northern California to face Stanford and get revenge for their loss the last time around.

Senior night against Washington did not go well. The Bruins were hoping for a win just like the last time when they faced the Huskies a month ago on a golden goal. This time, the Bruins were unable to capitalize on any of the chances they had, suffering a 1-0 loss.

In past games an early goal first half would do UCLA in. In this match, it was an early goal in the second half that did it. Washington’s own Jaret Townsend sent the ball past Kevin Silva after a push from his teammates to give the Huskies the lead. Minutes prior, the Bruins could have put themselves on the board when Milan Iloski took a shot that just missed the frame. Then in the 85th minute, UCLA could have equalized if not for a save on the line from the Washington backline.

The time that UCLA was on a win-streak and things seemed to be going great, feels like it was a long time ago. While some fans are cheering they’re at least getting a win, that isn’t enough anymore. The Bruins can still make it to the post-season, but anything further will be a stretch. It’s saddening coming from a team with so much talent. We have to stop pretending the team is fine and start looking at the coach. Salcedo has done well over his tenure, but recently he has not been performing up to par.

The last three schools on UCLA’s list are not going to be easy. They lost to San Diego State, to UC Berkley, and to Stanford. Stanford is up next, and if the Bruins need to pick themselves up for their last remaining games.

This is your UCLA men’s soccer vs Stanford open thread!

Go Bruins!