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UCLA Men’s Soccer Finish Their Three-Game Road Trip Against Georgetown

The Bruins have yet to win a game against the Hoyas who lead the all-time series 2-0.

Redshirt sophomore Matthew Powell looks to make a difference against Georgetown.

The UCLA Bruins finish off their three-game road trip when they take on Georgetown in a Labor Day game. The Bruins look for a win to wrap up their trip before finally heading back to Westwood.

The Bruins are 1-1 so far this season. They defeated San Francisco and fell to sixth-ranked Maryland in overtime, 3-2. Both of the goals came after the Bruins fell behind twice, but they couldn’t find another to pick up the win. The 98th-minute goal that sank UCLA was like déjà vu all over again. Maryland’s own Sebastian Elney scored the golden goal against the Bruins two years ago at Ludwig Field. Two years later and Elney did it again to hand UCLA their first loss of the season.

While it’s tough to see UCLA go down, they didn’t go down without a fight. Twice, they went down a goal, and, twice, they fought for the equalizer.

For having relatively a whole new squad, the Bruins kept pace with the Terrapins. Six players in the starting lineup are underclassmen. Salcedo must have a lot of confidence in those players to prefer them over more experienced upperclassmen. The fact those players were able to keep up with Maryland speaks volumes about the kind of talent Salcedo has on the team. Now it’s all about playing it right. Unfortunately, Salcedo doesn’t have the best track record. He had the number one recruiting class in 2015 and barely squeezed into the postseason. Here’s hoping Salcedo is able to manage this team.

In the all-time series, Georgetown holds the record 2-0. In 2009, the Bruins fell 2-0 at Shaw Field. Then, in 2015, with the number one team in the nation, the Bruins fell to the Hoyas on the road 3-1. May I remind you that particular year UCLA had the number one recruiting class and yet somehow they managed to do little with it. Salcedo somehow managed to mismanage the number one team in the nation.

Now, UCLA has a chance to write a new chapter in the book. The underclassmen will have to step up if they want to finish their road trip 2-1.

Go Bruins!